Musikgarten Musikgarten

The Music Garden, Houston TX
since 1984


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What to Expect - First Visit

At The Music Garden, we pride ourselves on being an oasis of calm in an otherwise often frantic world. Songs are folk and classical based. Most of our music making is a capella singing (without instruments or CD background) and the parents/caretakers are encouraged to take part in the music making and activity -- to be a musical companion to the young child. Further detail of each level is found on the Class Descriptions page.

Your first visit
Please arrive about 5 minutes prior to class start time. For "younger" classes, adults should dress comfortably and ready to particpate as fully as possible with their child. We remove shoes and socks prior to entering the classroom. The studio entrance is locked when class begins to protect your belongings in the waiting area. For "older" classes (Pre-Piano 1 and higher) adults join the class during the last 15 minutes of class.

Adults are expected to participate as much as they are able. We are up and down from the floor quite a bit. The songs and movements are not difficult. Children are allowed to explore the classroom and get comfortable. Children are not forced to sing and/or do any movements. However, you (the adult) are encouraged to sing and perform movements as modeled by the teacher. Often your child may just watch in wonder. This is normal. Please do not interrupt their observations!

When the teacher asks the group to "be my echo," please wait until it is your turn to respond. Children learn from you that it is respectful to wait quietly before echoing and to be especially respectful during individual echoes. Whatever the response from a child, the teacher will respond with a smile and a "Thank you."  Please refrain from clapping, laughing, making faces, etc.

After your visit
We hope that you enjoy your first visit and decide to register your child for classes. Full payment of tuition and required materials is expected upon registration.

There is a CD and digital link in the take-home materials to help you and your child continue to enjoy the music-making throughout the week until the next class. Home and family are key to any child's lifelong love of music and music-making.

Listening to the music and doing activities every day ensures that your child will get the most from the weekly class.

Keep in mind that you are welcome to visit once (Fall/Spring semesters) with no obligation or pre-payment.  Should you decide to enroll, the first class visit will be rolled into the normal tuition.